River Heights

Last Updated: Monday May 25th, 2020 05:50 PM CDT

Stage Color Key
No Flooding Near Flood Minor Flooding Mod Flooding Major Flooding Obs > 24hrs

Location HeightTrendForecastStatus
Holmes Lake - Above Sea Level (LNCN1) 1,244.41ft Falling at 0.01 ft/hr  Normal
Antelope Creek at 27th Street (LATN1) 4.42ft Falling at 0.17 ft/hr  Normal
Oak Creek at Lincoln Air Park Road (LOKN1) 3.22ft Falling at 0.09 ft/hr  Normal
Salt Creek at Lincoln (Pioneers Blvd.) (LUSN1) 9.16ft Rising at 0.05 ft/hr  Normal
Salt Creek at Lincoln (70th St.) (LCNN1) 7.36ft Falling at 0.07 ft/hr  Normal
Stevens Creek Near Lincoln (LVNN1) 3.51ft Falling at 0.1 ft/hr  Normal
Salt Creek Near Greenwood (GRNN1) 6.96ft Rising at 0.15 ft/hr  Normal
Salt Creek Near Ashland (ASTN1) 10.27ft Rising at 0.06 ft/hr  Normal
Turkey Creek Near Wilber (WLBN1) 11.47ft Falling at 0.22 ft/hrExpected to fall 0.02 ft. in next hour
Near Flood Stage
Platte River at Ashland (ASLN1) 17.07ft Rising at 0.01 ft/hr 
Wahoo Creek at Ashland (ASNN1) 7.61ft Falling at 0.12 ft/hr 
Elkhorn River at Waterloo (WTRN1) 5.70ft Falling at 0.03 ft/hr 
Missouri River at Nebraska City (NEBN1) 16.76ft Falling at 0.02 ft/hrNo change forecasted in next hour
Missouri River at Brownville (BRON1) 32.49ft Rising at 0.03 ft/hrExpected to rise 0.02 ft. in next hour
Missouri River at Rulo (RULN1) 17.42ft Rising at 0.02 ft/hrExpected to rise 0.01 ft. in next hour
Minor Flooding

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Data Courtesy of the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
Script Courtesy of Dennis at East Masonville Weather