SouthEast Lincoln Weather Station & Site Status

SouthEast Lincoln Weather Display Upload Status

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
25-Sep-2020 4:17:36am CDT
Weather Display Raw(10.37S-(b120)) Current 1 25-Sep-2020 4:17:35am CDT
Weather Display Tags (10.37S-(b120)) FTP Current 53 25-Sep-2020 4:16:43am CDT
Mobile SE Lincoln Weather Current 53 25-Sep-2020 4:16:43am CDT
Weather Display ClientRaw Extra Current 64 25-Sep-2020 4:16:32am CDT
Weather Display ClientRaw Hour Current 64 25-Sep-2020 4:16:32am CDT
SouthEast Lincoln Patiocam
Current 60 25-Sep-2020 4:16:36am CDT
Local Advisories Current 436 25-Sep-2020 4:10:20am CDT
Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
25-Sep-2020 4:17:36am CDT
SouthEast Lincoln Weather Daily NOAA Report Current 4.11 25-Sep-2020 12:11:03am CDT
SouthEast Lincoln Weather Monthly NOAA Report Current 4.16 25-Sep-2020 12:08:15am CDT

SouthEast Lincoln Weather Third Party Weather Information Status

Component Status
NWS Advisories, Watches, Warnings
NWS 7-Day Forecast
USGS Earthquakes
NWS Area Forecast Discussion
Temis UV Forecast
Current Mesoscale Discussions
Storm Prediction Center Thunderstorm Forecast
Storm Prediction Center Convective Watches
Storm Prediction Center Reports
Winter Weather Statements
State of the Climate

SouthEast Lincoln Weather PC Status

Weather Station PC up for 0 Days 22 Hours 18 Minutes 14 Seconds
Weather Station PC free memory 9.87GB
Weather Display Software last started 5:59:32 AM 9/24/2020
Current Weather Display Software Version 10.37S-(b120)

Hardware Status
Vantage Pro2 ISS Battery Status: Ok
ISS Packet Reception Percentage: 98% of all packets received
Vue Console Battery Voltage: 4.6 volts