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NOTE: These scripts assume a fair level of proficiency with scripting in order to install and, where required, maintain them. Rarely are 'readme.txt' files included, but many of them will work without special installation. Most of the loops' scripts are HAniS-based. Help might be found by searching for the script (not the zip) on

Some of these scripts use a CSS Hover Style that requires these scripts to be placed in your site's /css directory, along with an appropriate stylesheet link in your index.php, '<link href="css/hover-tiny.css" rel="stylesheet" media="all">'. Also some of these scripts will not display on sites using SSL due to SSL's cross-site restrictions and NOAA/NWS's use of non-SSL sites.

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ZIP File Description - View Link Uploaded Size Resizing NOAA/NWS US Advisory Maps View 2018/12/04 Size: 27.32 KB US Contiguous 48 States Snow Analyses View 2018/12/03 Size: 31.13 KB NWS Hourly Roundups by Site View 2018/12/03 Size: 15.54 KB GR3 HAniS with dbZ (Needs Your GR3!) View 2018/11/27 Size: 1.82 MB US Local 24 Hour Temp. Change Maps View 2018/11/19 Size: 5.05 KB NWS Winter Snow & Ice Forecasts View 2018/11/13 Size: 10.5 KB MDL US GMOS 2½Km Forecasts View 2018/10/23 Size: 9.11 KB NWS 3 Day Snow & Ice FC Map Loops View 2018/10/15 Size: 10.79 KB CPC Outlook & Drought Monitor View 2018/10/01 Size: 9 KB CPC Near & Long Term Outlook View 2018/10/01 Size: 19.61 KB NWS WPC 1-7 Day Precipitation Loops View 2018/09/11 Size: 1.9 KB Unisys GFS 10 Day Jet Stream Forecasts View 2018/09/11 Size: 3.97 KB MDL GMOS 2½Km 192 Hour Forecasts View 2018/09/10 Size: 12.86 KB National Hurricane Center Pages View 2018/09/05 Size: 13.58 KB GOES16 Satellite Loops View 2018/09/02 Size: 84.05 KB US TWC 24 Hour Temp. Change Maps View 2018/08/31 Size: 2.17 KB GR3 HAniS Animation (Needs Your GR3!) View 2018/08/28 Size: 7.63 KB US & Terr. Ridge Radars View 2018/08/14 Size: 26.19 KB US 3 to 7 Day Forecasts View 2018/07/19 Size: 72.48 KB US 1-3 D. Experimental Forecasts View 2018/07/18 Size: 5.97 KB NWS Winter 3 Day Surface Lows View 2018/07/17 Size: 5.72 KB WPC ½ to 2½ Day Forecast Loop (GIF) View 2018/07/17 Size: 1.73 KB NWS 3 Day Precipitation Loops View 2018/07/17 Size: 10.62 KB N. America 24 Hr. Surface Analysis Loops View 2018/07/17 Size: 11.66 KB N. America 24 Hr. Surface Analysis View 2018/07/17 Size: 9.27 KB NWS US 3 Day Excess Rain Forecast View 2018/07/17 Size: 6.96 KB WPC 3-7 Day Heat Index FC's (5/1-9/30) View 2018/07/17 Size: 9.83 KB WPC Significant River Flood Outlook View 2018/07/17 Size: 5.09 KB NOAA/NWS WFO Text Products View 2018/07/11 Size: 561.4 KB NOAA/NWS US Advisory Maps View 2018/07/05 Size: 23.3 KB SPC Main Page Emulator View 2018/06/21 Size: 2.58 KB US Air Quality Index Regional Maps View 2018/05/07 Size: 5.13 KB MDL US 24 Hour Forecasts/Analyses View 2018/02/13 Size: 11.12 KB US Pacific Tropic Satellite Loops View 2018/01/25 Size: 5.48 KB MDL US GFS-MEX-MOS Forecasts View 2018/01/25 Size: 5.7 KB CPC Wind Chill FC (Oct 1 to Mar 1 Only) View 2018/01/25 Size: 7.62 KB NWS SPC Severe Wx Probabilities View 2018/01/23 Size: 4.53 KB US Radar by Region View 2018/01/22 Size: 3.09 KB Composite SSEC 4 Hr. US GOES Loop View 2018/01/22 Size: 8.98 KB Composite SSEC Big 12 Hr. US GOES Loop View 2018/01/22 Size: 5.59 KB UNL Drought Monitor Plus View 2018/01/21 Size: 9.03 KB SSEC Worldwide Basin Loops View 2018/01/21 Size: 33.6 KB

These scripts are provided 'as-is', and the user is solely responsible for the use of their content and the results.