Windows 7 Theme Packs

Click on a Windows 7 theme pack to download it. Open it to install it if it doesn't automatically do so.

Or if you wish to download a theme to a specific directory on your computer Right Click on the theme pack and select 'Save Link as..." Then go to the directory you saved it in, usually 'Downloads', and click on it.

NOTE: These theme packs only function in Windows 7 and later, and ©All Rights are Reserved! You may use them only for personal use unless other rights are obtained. The themes contain photos mostly taken at Lincoln, NE Sunken & Hamann Gardens, around Flint Ridge, or around Thorn Court. My cat, Shade, is featured in his 'Galleries'. Some theme packs' photos were taken in central Nebraska during the Sandhill Crane migration, and some were taken at the Loess Bluffs (formerly Squaw Creek) National Wildlife Refuge.

In order to facilitate seasonal selection of a theme, the newest ones are at the top of the list with the oldest at the bottom .

Sunken_Gardens_Tulips_2017.themepack Size: 4.96 MB
Flint_Ridge_Blooms_Mid-April_2015b.themepack Size: 29.36 MB
Flint_Ridge_Blooms_Mid-April_2015.themepack Size: 28.21 MB
Squaw_Creek_Eagles_2014.themepack Size: 10.39 MB
2014_Holmes_Lake_Fall_Color.themepack Size: 27.71 MB
Fall_Colors_2013.themepack Size: 10.54 MB
Hamann_and_Sunken_Gardens_July_2013.themepack Size: 11.66 MB
Hamann_Gardens_Early_June_2013.themepack Size: 11.86 MB
Flint_Ridge_Blooms_Early_MayII_2013.themepack Size: 10.64 MB
Flint_Ridge_Blooms_Early_May_2013.themepack Size: 9.03 MB
March 2013 Cranes and Snow Geese.themepack Size: 7 MB
Squaw_Creek_November_2012.themepack Size: 17.33 MB
Squaw_Creek_NWR_16Nov2012.themepack Size: 10.66 MB
Fall_Colors_October_2012.themepack Size: 13.4 MB
Hamann_and_Sunken_Gardens_Sept-Oct_2011.themepack Size: 11.53 MB
Hamann_and_Sunken_Gardens_Late_Sept2012.themepack Size: 5.96 MB
Hamann_and_Sunken_Gardens_Mid-Sept_2012.themepack Size: 9.09 MB
Hamann_and_Sunken_Gardens_Mid-August_Insects_2012.themepack Size: 12.41 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Late-July_Early-August_Insects_2012.themepack Size: 9.8 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Insects_Late-June_2012.themepack Size: 4.99 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Early-Mid_July_2012.themepack Size: 8.75 MB
Hamann_and_Sunken_Gardens_Late_June_2012.themepack Size: 16.88 MB
Hamann_Gardens_Mid-June_2012.themepack Size: 10.14 MB
Hamann_and_Sunken_Gardens_Early_June_2012.themepack Size: 12.94 MB
Antelope_and_Sunken_Gardens_Late_May_2012.themepack Size: 6.4 MB
Antelope_Rose_Garden_Late_May_2012.themepack Size: 12.21 MB
Antelope_Rose_Garden_Early_May_2012.themepack Size: 11.31 MB
Shades_Gallery_II.themepack Size: 3.58 MB
Flint_Ridge_Blooms_March_2012.themepack Size: 6.88 MB
SH_Cranes_Sunset_HQ_&_a_Killdeer_March_2012.themepack Size: 11.85 MB
SH_Cranes_Sunset_&_a_Killdeer_March_2012.themepack Size: 3.32 MB
SH_Cranes_Cranes_Cranes_&_a_Blackbird_March_2012_HQ.themepack Size: 27.16 MB
SH_Cranes_Cranes_Cranes_&_a_Blackbird_March_2012.themepack Size: 9.38 MB
Sandhills_Cranes_March_2012.themepack Size: 10.44 MB
Backyard_Late_February_Early_March_2012.themepack Size: 9.61 MB
Backyard_Late_February_2012.themepack Size: 3.86 MB
Backyard_Mid_Feb_2012.themepack Size: 12.8 MB
Backyard_Early_Feb_2012.themepack Size: 12.17 MB
Backyard_Late_January_2012.themepack Size: 19.68 MB
Backyard_Early_Jan_2012.themepack Size: 15.26 MB
Backyard_Late_Dec_Jan1_2011-12.themepack Size: 11.92 MB
Backyard_Mid-Dec_2011.themepack Size: 9.19 MB
Backyard_Early_Dec_2011.themepack Size: 11.46 MB
Backyard_Nov-Dec_2011.themepack Size: 9.74 MB
Backyard_Nov_2011.themepack Size: 7.86 MB
Shades_Gallery.themepack Size: 3.05 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Late_October_2011.themepack Size: 12.72 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Mid-October_2011.themepack Size: 7.86 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Late_September_2011.themepack Size: 10.01 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Mid-September_2011.themepack Size: 6.36 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Early_September_2011.themepack Size: 7.49 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Late_August_2011.themepack Size: 7.29 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Late-Mid_August_2011.themepack Size: 9.52 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Mid_August_2011.themepack Size: 7.38 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Late_July_2011.themepack Size: 4.88 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Mid-July_2011.themepack Size: 3.86 MB
Frosty_Crab_Apples_2009.themepack Size: 3.68 MB
Maritas_Late_May_Blooms_2011.themepack Size: 2.07 MB
Flint_Ridge_Holmes_Park_Thorn_Court_Blooms_Late_April_2011.themepack Size: 10.52 MB
Flint_Ridge_Flowering_Crabs_Late_April_2011.themepack Size: 4.48 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Early_April_2011.themepack Size: 2 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Early_October_2010.themepack Size: 3.76 MB
Sunken Gardens Early July 2010.themepack Size: 7.12 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Water_Lillies_Late_June_2011.themepack Size: 2.89 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Late_June_2011B.themepack Size: 3.65 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Late_June_2011.themepack Size: 8.92 MB
Sunken_Gardens_Early_June_2011.themepack Size: 4.45 MB
Maritas Late May Blooms 2011.themepack Size: 2.21 MB
Snow&Frost.themepack Size: 16.93 MB