USGS Earthquake Activity

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.5 or greater within 900 mi
Update time = Fri, 17-Aug-2018 8:25am CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
9 mi SE of Lincoln, Montana 2.4 001439894 mi 1534453092Thu, 16-Aug-2018 3:58pm CDT map
56 mi NNW of Kayenta, Arizona 2.6 001250777 mi 1534444561Thu, 16-Aug-2018 1:36pm CDT map
8 mi ESE of Nixon, Texas 2.9 001290802 mi 1534431661Thu, 16-Aug-2018 10:01am CDT map
5 mi WNW of Tiptonville, Tennessee 1.5 000784487 mi 1534410120Thu, 16-Aug-2018 4:02am CDT map
14 mi S of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 1.8 001220758 mi 1534396635Thu, 16-Aug-2018 12:17am CDT map
3 mi N of Lepanto, Arkansas 2.2 000792492 mi 1534377254Wed, 15-Aug-2018 6:54pm CDT map
21 mi ESE of Stapleton, Nebraska 2.7 000300187 mi 1534341470Wed, 15-Aug-2018 8:57am CDT map
5 mi NNE of Harper, Kansas 3.0 000399248 mi 1534328877Wed, 15-Aug-2018 5:27am CDT map
6 mi SSW of New Madrid, Missouri 1.6 000777483 mi 1534322369Wed, 15-Aug-2018 3:39am CDT map
19 mi NW of Fairview, Oklahoma 2.4 000516321 mi 1534283954Tue, 14-Aug-2018 4:59pm CDT map
3 mi SSW of Langston, Oklahoma 2.6 000547340 mi 1534279795Tue, 14-Aug-2018 3:49pm CDT map
4 mi SW of Lilbourn, Missouri 1.7 000767477 mi 1534263086Tue, 14-Aug-2018 11:11am CDT map
2 mi NNE of Okeene, Oklahoma 2.4 000536333 mi 1534244801Tue, 14-Aug-2018 6:06am CDT map
2 mi SW of West Point, Utah 1.6 001299807 mi 1534239297Tue, 14-Aug-2018 4:34am CDT map
4 mi SSW of New Madrid, Missouri 2.0 000774481 mi 1534228619Tue, 14-Aug-2018 1:36am CDT map
9 mi SE of Lincoln, Montana 1.7 001440895 mi 1534222453Mon, 13-Aug-2018 11:54pm CDT map
9 mi ESE of Soda Springs, Idaho 2.1 001244773 mi 1534211008Mon, 13-Aug-2018 8:43pm CDT map
12 mi ENE of Mooreland, Oklahoma 2.2 000519323 mi 1534204582Mon, 13-Aug-2018 6:56pm CDT map
8 mi WNW of Whitehall, Montana 1.6 001383859 mi 1534197880Mon, 13-Aug-2018 5:04pm CDT map
5 mi S of Wilson, Oklahoma 2.4 000748465 mi 1534196437Mon, 13-Aug-2018 4:40pm CDT map
10 mi W of Purcell, Oklahoma 2.9 000650404 mi 1534187291Mon, 13-Aug-2018 2:08pm CDT map
3 mi ENE of Butte, Montana 1.5 001402871 mi 1534187288Mon, 13-Aug-2018 2:08pm CDT map
12 mi ENE of Mooreland, Oklahoma 3.0 000518322 mi 1534183284Mon, 13-Aug-2018 1:01pm CDT map
4 mi SSW of Caruthersville, Missouri 2.0 000795494 mi 1534154329Mon, 13-Aug-2018 4:58am CDT map
4 mi NNE of Dillon, Montana 1.7 001388863 mi 1534122277Sun, 12-Aug-2018 8:04pm CDT map
9 mi NE of Enid, Oklahoma 2.3 000489304 mi 1534093487Sun, 12-Aug-2018 12:04pm CDT map
10 mi N of Lenoir, North Carolina 2.4 001415879 mi 1534067185Sun, 12-Aug-2018 4:46am CDT map
12 mi WNW of Caldwell, Kansas 2.5 000425264 mi 1534052589Sun, 12-Aug-2018 12:43am CDT map
9 mi SE of Lincoln, Montana 2.7 001440895 mi 1534049618Sat, 11-Aug-2018 11:53pm CDT map
14 mi NNE of Okeene, Oklahoma 2.5 000518322 mi 1534041420Sat, 11-Aug-2018 9:37pm CDT map
9 mi ESE of Soda Springs, Idaho 2.1 001244773 mi 1534035858Sat, 11-Aug-2018 8:04pm CDT map
6 mi SSE of East Carbon City, Utah 1.8 001175730 mi 1534028632Sat, 11-Aug-2018 6:03pm CDT map
5 mi NNW of Manhattan, Montana 1.9 001319819 mi 1533935119Fri, 10-Aug-2018 4:05pm CDT map
30 mi SE of Park Valley, Utah 1.5 001365848 mi 1533921789Fri, 10-Aug-2018 12:23pm CDT map
32 mi W of West Yellowstone, Montana 2.1 001308813 mi 1533921725Fri, 10-Aug-2018 12:22pm CDT map
12 mi NNE of West Yellowstone, Montana 1.7 001251777 mi 1533920312Fri, 10-Aug-2018 11:58am CDT map

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