USGS Earthquake Activity

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.5 or greater within 900 mi
Update time = Mon, 25-Jun-2018 7:12am CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
7 mi W of Gray, Georgia 2.4 001440895 mi 1529762105Sat, 23-Jun-2018 8:55am CDT map
12 mi NNE of Harrison, Arkansas 1.8 000583363 mi 1529714619Fri, 22-Jun-2018 7:43pm CDT map
10 mi S of Whitehall, Montana 2.3 001367849 mi 1529711743Fri, 22-Jun-2018 6:55pm CDT map
7 mi WNW of Stroud, Oklahoma 1.9 000555345 mi 1529709074Fri, 22-Jun-2018 6:11pm CDT map
32 mi SE of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 2.1 001184736 mi 1529695097Fri, 22-Jun-2018 2:18pm CDT map
6 mi WNW of Stroud, Oklahoma 2.4 000555345 mi 1529690530Fri, 22-Jun-2018 1:02pm CDT map
4 mi SSE of Tuttle, Oklahoma 2.2 000626389 mi 1529662675Fri, 22-Jun-2018 5:17am CDT map
6 mi SSW of Heber, Utah 1.7 001250777 mi 1529660242Fri, 22-Jun-2018 4:37am CDT map
8 mi ENE of Soda Springs, Idaho 1.6 001246774 mi 1529653828Fri, 22-Jun-2018 2:50am CDT map
3 mi E of Hennessey, Oklahoma 3.3 000532330 mi 1529638194Thu, 21-Jun-2018 10:29pm CDT map
17 mi E of Stapleton, Nebraska 2.2 000307191 mi 1529559578Thu, 21-Jun-2018 12:39am CDT map
10 mi SSE of Beaver, Utah 2.0 001396868 mi 1529528780Wed, 20-Jun-2018 4:06pm CDT map
3 mi E of Butte, Montana 1.5 001401871 mi 1529521776Wed, 20-Jun-2018 2:09pm CDT map
17 mi W of Hoback, Wyoming 1.7 001228763 mi 1529467731Tue, 19-Jun-2018 11:08pm CDT map
10 mi SSE of Beaver, Utah 1.5 001396867 mi 1529462795Tue, 19-Jun-2018 9:46pm CDT map
6 mi SW of Milford, Utah 1.8 001435892 mi 1529453592Tue, 19-Jun-2018 7:13pm CDT map
7 mi NNW of Tiptonville, Tennessee 2.4 000781485 mi 1529435372Tue, 19-Jun-2018 2:09pm CDT map
1 mi N of Medford, Oklahoma 2.6 000451280 mi 1529426028Tue, 19-Jun-2018 11:33am CDT map
12 mi W of Perry, Oklahoma 3.3 000508316 mi 1529424038Tue, 19-Jun-2018 11:00am CDT map
9 mi W of Union City, Oklahoma 2.6 000612380 mi 1529423889Tue, 19-Jun-2018 10:58am CDT map
10 mi SSE of Beaver, Utah 1.5 001397868 mi 1529405040Tue, 19-Jun-2018 5:44am CDT map
10 mi SSE of Beaver, Utah 3.1 001397868 mi 1529392535Tue, 19-Jun-2018 2:15am CDT map
13 mi NE of Coalville, Utah 1.8 001226762 mi 1529367449Mon, 18-Jun-2018 7:17pm CDT map
5 mi NNE of Harper, Kansas 3.1 000400248 mi 1529360482Mon, 18-Jun-2018 5:21pm CDT map
7 mi WSW of Union City, Oklahoma 2.5 000617383 mi 1529359388Mon, 18-Jun-2018 5:03pm CDT map
14 mi WNW of Pickens, South Carolina 2.2 001363847 mi 1529359146Mon, 18-Jun-2018 4:59pm CDT map
7 mi WSW of Union City, Oklahoma 2.7 000616383 mi 1529355630Mon, 18-Jun-2018 4:00pm CDT map

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